The Lincoln Center Plaza: A Voguish Nirvana

A blistering flurry of classes, tests, projects, meetings and other responsibilities pushed regularly posting blog entries to unfrequented corners of my mind.  Seriously, I feel as if cobwebs invaded this outlet, if at all possible in the digital realm. Nonetheless, all is well, and I just had to share some aspect of my New York Fashion Week experience before too much time passed (after all, Joan Rivers’ “Fashion Police” still discusses fashion week on TV, why can’t I?).

Anyway, working backstage for Lela Rose and Timo Weiland during their Spring shows was similar to working for their fall presentations.  The most noticeable difference laid in New York’s atmosphere.  With Fashion’s Night Out and oh-so-pleasant weather, the city felt more alive, more vibrant than fashion week in February.

Above is a video I made using a compilation of clips I caught while working backstage for Lela Rose’s Spring 2013 show at the Lincoln Center.

One of the most magical moments occurred when standing about the Lincoln Center plaza.  Brave souls worked the cement as if on the runway with heroic ensembles that would cause quite a stir here in Texas.  In New York, however, bloggers and photographers rushed to document these real-life style icons.  All the camera flashes, strepitous sounds of stilettos pounding the pavement and waves of bright colors enveloped me, delivering my soul to fashion heaven.  Needless to say, inspiration took hold and consumed me.

A sharp man in yellow flanked by two men in eclectic matching suits

Posing in front of the Lincoln Center

I must admit, when taking photos with fellow University Fashion Group members in front of the Lincoln Center, a part of me wished I brought an extra pair of clothes that bloggers and photographers would relish.  Pondering around in my all-black uniform not only formed beads of sweat upon my forehead, but paled me in comparison to others’ excitingly shocking yet put-together looks.

That just means I must work harder to achieve my dream of working for a New York fashion publication so I can frequent that wonderland more often.  And, hopefully, that job won’t require a completely black uniform – for my soul’s sake.  Until next time, New York.  I just hope I can manage to filter what I eat…less donuts, breakfast sandwiches and pizza would help those stylish cherubs carry me when flying my soul up to their voguish nirvana.

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