Rüdesheim’s Christmas Market

It only takes a few days in Germany for the 'blogging bug' to bite. Shortly after arriving in Deutschland, I could already smell mulled wine and gingerbread floating about the brisk December air. I had no choice but to visit a Christmas market, or Weinachtsmarkt, to satisfy my cravings. The picturesque town of Rüdesheim, perfectly nestled among vineyards … Continue reading Rüdesheim’s Christmas Market

Popping in at the MoMA, Andy Warhol and other Thoughts

"Pop." How can such a short, three-lettered word possess so many meanings? From carbonated sodas to music genres to loud noises, the homonym thrills with its transitional properties. My favorite definition of "pop", however, relates to the eclectic art movement. A brief description of Pop art: The movement commenced in Britain in the mid-1950s, and crossed over … Continue reading Popping in at the MoMA, Andy Warhol and other Thoughts

Washington, DC’s Snow-Covered Sidewalks

Moving to Washington, DC, unlocked countless doors for me - in terms of my career, friendships and more. So far, this personal revolution constantly delivers new opportunities to experience life in different lights. The cold and snow, however, need to go. On that sunny Sunday last weekend that seems so long ago, I managed to escape the confines … Continue reading Washington, DC’s Snow-Covered Sidewalks

Kendra Scott’s Beaded Beauties and Television Triumphs

Kendra Scott Jewelry invited me to attend its watch party celebrating owner Kendra Scott's debut as co-host on CNBC's new show, "Crowd Rules," Tuesday evening. Although mounds of swag bags, canapés and dazzling accessories made for a memorable event, Kendra's strong determination, success and personality shone brighter than any one of the jewels seen throughout … Continue reading Kendra Scott’s Beaded Beauties and Television Triumphs