Sweaters, Coffee and Simple Thoughts

My loyal readers must have realized by now that I resemble a tidal wave. At one moment, I blog and post and blog and post several times a month, entwining text with cornucopias of photos. In other times, I sink into the depths of textbooks and work and disappear (which, in the spirit of Halloween, … Continue reading Sweaters, Coffee and Simple Thoughts

A Bold Body of Stripes

Work, school, work and school reign as my priorities. As such, painting the town red, dancing and writing blog posts now reside on the back burner. No need to worry, though - back burners can turn just as hot as those in the front! And with that, I turn up the heat on today's post. … Continue reading A Bold Body of Stripes

Speak with your Eyes, Baby…and Transcend Above All!

Good morning, fashion show goers, For those of you already hampered by this obtrusive week, today is Tuesday. That means Transcend, 2013's University of Texas at Austin senior textiles and apparel fashion show organized by University Fashion Group, took place five days ago. After overcoming a sickness thanks to last week's weather that relentlessly drenched … Continue reading Speak with your Eyes, Baby…and Transcend Above All!