Sweaters, Coffee and Simple Thoughts

My loyal readers must have realized by now that I resemble a tidal wave. At one moment, I blog and post and blog and post several times a month, entwining text with cornucopias of photos. In other times, I sink into the depths of textbooks and work and disappear (which, in the spirit of Halloween, may be excusable if I desired to be a ghost). As you can see, my corny, dry jokes still exist, as do I. Since I have a few hours on my hands, I decided to take a break from studying and provide you with the top five thoughts on my mind:


How do you like my gray V-neck sweater and brown coffee cup-in-hand pose? Do I look like I’m ready for Fall?

  1. Sweaters are God’s gift to this earth (or, whichever higher power you believe in’s gift). They’re effortless, comfortable and stylish. I’m wearing a gray one as I write. Mmm. They’re like wearable blankets, and much more stylish than so-called Snuggies.
  2. Basic, organic sugar and cream make for a delightful cup of coffee. Sure, flavored Coffee-Mate creamers taste dreamy, but you can’t help but cringe at the artificial ingredients. Next time you pour yourself a hot cup, opt for a natural sweetener instead.
  3. Advertising textbooks are interesting to read and are engaging. We’re surrounded by ads and little mascots (Pillsbury doughboy, anyone?), so learning about its background and how messages impact our consumer behavior strikes a fascinating note.
  4. Lasagna reigns as one of the most simple yet hearty meals to cook. They make for great leftovers and last a week, so you can take a homemade dish to work for lunch rather than spending on GMO-infested Chinese rice from the food court or frozen meals.
  5. Washing your hair every other day works wonders. I used to wash my hair every morning, but since I’ve opted for the every other day approach, my hair has more life and body than any hair product could promise. Try it out if you haven’t already!

Do you have any sudden, simple revelations about life you’d like to share?

Yours truly,

Jonathan Ochart

5 thoughts on “Sweaters, Coffee and Simple Thoughts

  1. TheGreatZambini says:

    I agree. Sweaters are wonderfully cozy and warm, and they look much better than those awful hoodies. I have to say, my biggest pet peeve is the year round sweats look. I crave fit! Form! Clothes that aren`t pajamas! College student problems…

  2. TheGreatZambini says:

    I blog in bursts as well, and I tend to have longer lazy moments, so I can`t blame you at all (especially during major studying periods and holidays!) I hope you are wearing plenty of comfy sweaters over Christmas break :)

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