Posing and Reposing with University Fashion Group

Salutations, my spring sunshines,

Yes, I have been incognito in the blogosphere for the past few weeks. I blame school, final exams and an unforgiving cold. I’m back, though, and hopefully it’ll be a while before life decides to take me for another unpleasant stroll down a belaboring lane. I managed to maintain my style despite all the stress, however…I think I did my blog title justice (;

While overcoming a revolting fusion of allergies/cold/studying, I attended University Fashion Group’s annual officer transition social. As the new vice president for the upcoming school year, I practically had no choice but attend. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go, but my sniffling, sneezing and teary eyes made for a ghastly exterior.

So, I stopped acting like a triple-frosted strawberry cupcake and sucked it up. I told myself to go. You know, giving yourself a little pep talk truly works if you use the perfect words. “You can do it!” won’t cut it. It’s too basic, too expected, and, well, lame. “You betta werk,” “You gonna rock it and look FINE,” and “Imma serve some Gone with the Wind fabulous flawlessness” work like a charm. Try it. Try it while dressing yourself, sipping espresso for ever-so-needed energy, painting your face, etcetera etcetera. You just might surprise yourself.

After talking to myself like a real housewife of Atlanta, I managed to look somewhat presentable for the evening event held at a high rise in downtown Austin. My lack of cognitive power led me to forming an ensemble consisting of clothing from the same retailer…H&M. I didn’t look Swedish, though. I think I served some ’50s/white picket fence/Brady Brunch realness. White pants and a polo possess that effect…and shaggy hair.

Feast your eyes, babes.


Posing with Natalie Poche, the lovely new president of University Fashion Group. Photo courtesy of Natalie Poche.


Standing on the complex’s terrace overlooking South Austin with Natalie and public relations director, Brandon McDaniel. Photo courtesy of Natalie Poche.


What better way to recover from a little cold than reposing on a lawn chair? Photo courtesy of Angeli Aguilera,


Smizing with former UFG president, Angeli Aguilera. Photo courtesy of Angeli Aguilera.

The lesson of this rendezvous? There’s nothing a little concealer can’t hide, and hey, even sick people can work white pants and bare feet, too.

Ensemble: H&M
Shoes: Consigned

Yours truly,


6 thoughts on “Posing and Reposing with University Fashion Group

    • jonathanochart says:

      I’m glad you liked it – I was trying to be casual (: And me too, I was away too long. I need to catch up on your posts soon!

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