Brunching in Barcelona

Near Logan Circle, a vibrant tapas restaurant and wine bar sits among a heap of antique furniture shops and cafés. Aptly named 'Barcelona', the imaginative spot off 14th Street NW pours Spanish flavor onto classic brunch staples. To celebrate new beginnings, birthdays and farewells, I joined my friends last Sunday at Barcelona for a casual brunch. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading Brunching in Barcelona

1920s dinner party menu lemon chiffon cake

Planning a 1920s Dinner Party Menu

Last week, I blogged about preparing a 1920s-inspired dinner party (check it out here). This week, I'll describe the 1920s dinner party menu I served guests, which, luckily, didn't cause food poisoning - or any other malady, for that matter (at least my guests did a good job of hiding any discomfort). My 1920s Dinner … Continue reading Planning a 1920s Dinner Party Menu