Why did “The Interview” Win Top Marketing Campaign?

Yes, tonight's the night - the night where all of Hollywood's stars align as one in Los Angeles. I'm not going to talk about their red carpet ensembles today, though. Rather, let's take a look at something a little more scandalous...the PR/marketing aspect of cinema. How else can we understand how movies attract attention to soar … Continue reading Why did “The Interview” Win Top Marketing Campaign?

Starbucks Vs. Mr. Coffee

If I could visit Starbucks every morning and pick up a lovely dark roast coffee to jolt my senses, I would. Nothing fancy like a skinny triple foam vanilla latte - just a $2 grande dark roast, with room for cream. I truly admire the company's branding, member rewards program and its employee benefits (offering to pay for … Continue reading Starbucks Vs. Mr. Coffee