The Lincoln Center Plaza: A Voguish Nirvana

A blistering flurry of classes, tests, projects, meetings and other responsibilities pushed regularly posting blog entries to unfrequented corners of my mind.  Seriously, I feel as if cobwebs invaded this outlet, if at all possible in the digital realm. Nonetheless, all is well, and I just had to share some aspect of my New York … Continue reading The Lincoln Center Plaza: A Voguish Nirvana

Timo Weiland & Male Models

I expected nothing short of Texas heat, cloudless skies and a unelenting sun when I returned to Austin from New York. My expectations failed to pan out - rather than warm days consisting of gelato and iced tea, it's rather perfect hot chocolate weather. In other words, it feels as if I'm back in the freezing … Continue reading Timo Weiland & Male Models