A Mercurial Monday

Guess what? This blog post sprouted from my tired mind while in the comfort of my own, rock-hard dorm room bed. That’s right, what you’re reading was not written at Starbucks, although I did go there today to catch up with some friends.

So, today’s post won’t be like previous ones. I’m simply going to recall past events of the day and reveal them to the world. Man, lifting the curtain hanging before my mind leaves me feeling refreshed. Maybe it’s time to get a haircut?

Anyway, here we go:

1. Don’t get angry at someone because they didn’t keep texting you about the plans you were going to have. Seriously, if I text someone and they haven’t responded, I’m not going to keep sending texts – that’s weird and stalkerish.

2. Some people at the gym possess huge egos, but that fails to give them the right to drop their weights to the ground continuously. I prefer working out to the beat of my music, not the bangs and clinks of bars loaded with too much weight for the lifter to handle. I know I’m not some gym rat but it’s common sense – if you can’t lift something without dropping it then take it easy.

3. The baristas at Starbucks are nice. They ask me if there’s an extra “h” in my name or not. It’s like they can see my soul; maybe it’s because I sold it to their iced coffees…

4. While Starbucks employees may succeed in courting my dollars and taste buds with delicious coffee, some customers over there succeed in freaking me out. Never, ever leave your place with hair like that weird blond beautician guy from Beauty Shop who destroyed Queen Latifah’s salon. People will think you’re crazy and just plain odd. That look is so, I have no idea.  Also, making weird faces, moving your lips and grinning creepily at your computer makes people wonder what you’re accomplishing.

5. Nestea’s Red Tea Pomegranate & Passion Fruit allows a myriad of scrumptious flavors to dance feverishly on your tongue – and with only 130 calories per bottle and less sugar than other teas, drinking one every once in a while wouldn’t hurt thanks to its antioxidants. According to the bottle’s label, the tea originates from South Africa. That’s right, Shakira, this time it’s for Africa, not the South – I’m getting tired of sweet tea.

By the way, I had no idea that the word “mercurial” existed until today when I searched for synonyms of the word “quick.” It means flighty and temperamental, and its synonyms rock my world, including “blowing hot and cold” and “gaga.” Now those are some synonyms that remind me of songs I enjoy dancing too; yeah, I think “mercurial” will work splendidly.

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