Some of us are just Born this Way, Nutty like Nutella

Sometimes, I have no life. During these harsh times, I consider whether I should try completing my online calculus homework, eat a biscotti or go stalk people on facebook.

I nearly always choose the last two options.

So, after watching a video of two weird guys following Marco Polo’s journey in my amazing Voyages that changed the World class, I went to the library and stalked my girl Lady G like a good little monster.

Rather than learning how to solve trigonometric identity problems (which is so ew to the second power, or square-d), I discovered that Lady G loves Nutella! So do I! And so do Germans! Ahh and she likes it with bananas and Wonder bread. Well, I prefer whole grain because I’ll always remember how mean those girls were to Toula Portokalos because she ate moussaka rather than Wonder bread sandwiches on My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  That, and whole wheat is good for you; those exquisite and finely-detailed paper things that grace the tables at the university dining halls even say so.

Just look at that attractive ensemble of knife and creamy hazelnut-chocolate spread.

Enough about food. Lady G also revealed her remix from her upcoming album, Born this Way, during the Mugler fashion show. If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly suggest it. I mean, the first two lines directly correlate with my life and many others’, because we all know how bad we feel when someone asks us if we can speak German and all we can say is “nein.”

Soon I’ll write a post on the actual fashion show itself, in case anyone is interested.  The show with Gaga’s remix appeared a bit frightening, yet inspiring at the same time.

Well, it’s time to go to Biology and study some who knows what.

Until next time, ciao for now ;)

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