Serve some Sporty Styles this Summer

Occasionally, when I first meet people and once formal introductions and handshakes conclude, conversation kicks in. Of course, the question of where you attend college always seems to be asked, as well as what one is studying, what the weather is like in the city, etc.  But lately I’ve found that a lot of people ask me if I watch sports. Um no, obviously I don’t – while some eat chicken wings when watching Monday Night Football, I watch fashion shows while munching on some fried chicken from Popeyes (okay also some celery sticks and two jelly beans, don’t judge). But that doesn’t mean that I’m unaware of the sports industry; as a matter of fact, sports and fashion run hand in hand, whether on the runway or on the track.

Lacoste hails as one of the most prominent clothing brands within the sports industry, not only seeping into tennis matches with its fitted yet breathable polos,  but also into golf tournaments.  As shown in Lacoste’s Spring 2011 Menswear collection below, sportswear can work on the tennis field, as well as when sporting a stylish look on the street.
Lacoste Spring 2011 Menswear Collection

Pair a simple polo (pastels work nicely in the summer and create a classic appearance, but strong, bright colors are in this season) with fitted shorts or light pants.

Maybe try something like this…but make sure that if you’re wearing an undershirt, that it doesn’t show…I broke this rule, but I don’t remember breaking it at the time, so we’ll let it fly :)
Andy Roddick, an acclaimed American tennis player and ranked as the second-best tennis player in the U.S., not only serves strongly in tennis matches, but serves strong style as well with Lacoste polos.
Even this look in Michael Kors’ Spring 2011 Menswear collection takes on the sporty Lacoste look above.

So, if you’re like me and fail to follow the latest basketball games, football matches and such, just remember that simply following fashion trends and understanding its impact actually does make one somewhat up-to-date with the sports world (or at least not completely oblivious…). I’ll write a post about Michael Bastian’s collection sometime, because it contains countless athletic looks and ooh la la, he won Menswear Designer of the Year last night during the Council of Fashion Directors of America.

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