Fashion Forward: Audrea Diaz’s Story

I had the opportunity to document an inspirational University of Texas graduate for my multimedia journalism class.  After two days of filming and interviewing, and endless hours in the lab editing, I created a video telling my subject’s unique story.

Still shot from my video documenting Diaz.

Audrea Diaz, 25, is a fashion reporter for The Horn and Austin Fusion Magazine. She dreams of writing for Vogue magazine, and to eventually design her own clothing line. She traveled with the UT’s University Fashion Group Sept. 6-10, 2012, to document students working backstage during New York Fashion Week. She aims to overcome any obstacles in her path, including Mild Cerebral Palsy.

Acquainting myself with Diaz has led me to more than devising a video; she reinvigorated my love for fashion, and demonstrated how we, the youth, possess the power to alter its sometimes superficially cold character.

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