My Rant, Croakies and Coffee

Out of all the tables in Einstein’s Bagels, the frat boys just have to sit next to mine.  Both of them are wearing polos – one a light blue, the other dandelion yellow.  Of course, Croakies drape ever-so-gracefully from their necks, keeping their plastic neon sunglasses (more like “sunplastics”) from falling.  I think I’ll call them sunplastics from now on.

I can’t tell if they’re dads or not, they look kind of old – like, gentle wrinkles marking the face along with 10 o’clock shadow.  The one in blue keeps shaking his legs, playing with his phone and scratching his head every once in a while.  He seems nervous.  Good thing he has a camo bracelet to keep his cool…

Oh, now he lifted his leg and placed it on one of the chairs…the one in yellow grips his large coffee cup and talks about how “awesome” “it” smells…

I procrastinate doing my homework assignment and observe the phenomena unraveling near me…so many leg shakes, grips, bright colors….good thing those croakies exist to rein in their YOLO perspective toward life

“Noodles,” the male in sunshine yellow declares.  

“Noodles it is,” the boy in blue replies.  



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