What to Wear: Apocalypse Edition

Alas, today marks the day of the supposed apocalypse – however, it seems as if everyone is still alive and well.  Since I have jet lag though, I woke up much earlier than my family members, so who knows, maybe they’ve departed as I ignorantly and selfishly write this post.  If today was indeed the last day (or night, or whatever…apocalypses become so much more confusing across various time zones), I would use my limited funds to purchase the following items and live my last day in ultimate zombies-better-get-out-of-my-way style:


First, I’d make sure to throw on this edgy, yet refined Versace wool and cashmere coat with mink.  The mink fur collar offers utmost warmth, while the Versace medusa logo wards off evil spirits and the like.

ImageOne look at my coat, and all those freakish monsters/aliens/etc. will turn to stone.  Once again, fashion saves the day!

Next, I’d buy a Prada grained calf leather travel weekender in ruby red to hold all my essential items, from my toothbrush to hairbrush to pepper spray and taser.  You never know when you’ll have to pull out a deadly weapon, and opponents would never suspect something so dastardly to expel from such an innocent-looking accessory (well, the bag’s  blood-red tinge may attract bloodthirsty ghouls, but no fear, for Prada never lets a wearer down).


Lastly, I’d make sure to slip into some hard-hitting leather boots, like these spectacular Jimmy Choo’s.  They provide a solid sole, granting the wearer a firm foundation for running and climbing any terrain – all while looking superbly sartorial.  And, like Versace and Prada, Jimmy Choo rarely let’s its wearer down, whether on the runway or valley of zombies.


Now, the time reads 7:13 a.m. on my phone, and still I’ve yet to hear a massive meteor crash, a potent laser beam searing the land, or zombies moaning to no end.  Therefore, I’m pretty sure we’re safe to say we’ll have at least another day, but even then, I’m still going shopping.  Just don’t expect me to return with Versace, Prada and Jimmy Choo bags – it’ll be a while until my wallet can undergo an apocalypse of its own.

Photos courtesy of Versace, Prada, and Neiman Marcus.

2 thoughts on “What to Wear: Apocalypse Edition

  1. Monday's Child says:

    I like to see somebody else’s ‘dream shopping list’ – I too have many items I would buy in an instant if only I had the funds!
    (there is a very similar coat to the one you are lusting after made by french brand ‘the kooples’ which I have seen make a few appearances on eBay, I believe the collar is rabbit perhaps?)

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