Dalí Exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou

Time proves to be quite the surreal element – perhaps that’s why Salvador Dalí seemed to comprehend its elusive nature so well. It melts, and melts, and melts until nothing appears to exist anymore. At one moment, you see an army of ants invading a pomegranate, and the next, you see a helpless horse also resembling a misshapen face laying about. In a society where time dictates several peoples’ lives, it also constantly escapes our grasps (and usually to our disarray).

For example, I waited outside the Centre Georges Pompidou for nearly an hour to visit its exhbition featuring practically all of Dalí’s work. Yes, his “The Persistence of Memory” and other renowned works rested on the museum’s top floor, and my watch ticked and ticked for minutes and minutes to the point where I felt like I woudln’t be able to enjoy his art once I finally entered.

Waiting outside the Centre Pompidou grants several opportunities to snap photos of the massive museum.

Waiting outside the Centre Pompidou grants several opportunities to snap photos of the massive museum.


Standing on the escalators waiting to reach the top floor and came across these signs.

But alas, after standing in line helplessly in Parisian winter weather, I finally caught glimpses – no, stares – of what we waited for. Brilliance radiated throughout the large room. Dalí’s artistic splendor felt so strong I could almost taste the pomegranates his dear ants enjoyed so feverishly despite the countless tourists constantly moving around me. Needless to say, the trip itself was well worth the wait, no matter how much my faux gold watch wished to fall apart in all its repetitive ticks and tocks.

Take a look at some of the photos I took while sauntering about the exhibit (Yes, to my surprise, photos were permitted, although off-limits for some of Dalí’s pieces).


“The Persistence of Memory”

P1050579 P1050573 P1050575 P1050586 P1050585 P1050584 P1050589 P1050590 P1050594 P1050596 P1050604

I highly recommend a visit to the Centre Pompidou; the exhibit runs until 25 March 2013.  It’s quite bewildering!

Yours truly,


9 thoughts on “Dalí Exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou

    • jonathanochart says:

      I loved it too! I believe it’s on canvas…it’s just so old and wasn’t taken care of as much as his other works, so the wood frame beneath was starting to show (at least that’s what I think!).

  1. Pheebz says:

    Jealous much! I’ve seen Dalí exhibitions at the Tate and at MoMA but this one looks like it surpasses both! I hope you bought a souvenir! I’m a postcard hoarder…

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