What to Wear: Office Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for caroling, candy canes and the much-anticipated company holiday party. We all look forward to indulging in merry meals and cups of cheer, but when the moment arrives to dress for the occasion, insanity ensues.

Why? We want to appear festive and bright, but we also want to avoid looking too festive and bright. Feeling more dashing than any of Santa’s reindeer is the best gift of all.

The key to radiating that elusive shimmer lies in striking a balance between holiday wear and professional staples. Dressing appropriately for your fête is akin to decorating the Christmas tree: too much glitter and gold detracts from the evergreen branches, and too little makes for a sappy little sapling.

Wearing pieces that make you feel riveting yet relaxed makes this goal more achievable. For me, that involves gold accessories, shoes boasting unique textures and the always dependable pop of color.

I decided on pairing an electrifying fuchsia sweater with a jacquard collared shirt. A vintage Valentino tie in various jewel-toned hues brought the look together.

Black suit pants with a slight sheen subdued the upper-half of the colorful ensemble, while the black velvet slippers contributed some debonair flair.




Ice sculpture, anyone?

Fortunately, my selections were comfortable enough for devouring all the duck confit and salmon my stomach desired, providing me enough energy to cut a rug on the dance floor.

You’ll learn not to simply focus on how you look – rather, imagine what your look can help you accomplish.

That being said, how will you primp for your office party?

‘Til next time,




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