fruit Lincoln Road Farmers' Market

Quick Guide: Lincoln Road Farmers Market

Plump pineapples, crisp watermelon and juicy mangoes add natural pops of color to South Beach at the Lincoln Road Farmers Market. Lincoln Road, a popular pedestrian shopping destination between 16th and 17th Streets, transforms into an open-air market each Sunday overflowing with local fruits and vegetables – along with antiques, clothing and more for the savvy shopper.

After catching some rays on South Beach, naturally refreshing pick-me-ups are mandatory. Sip on coconut or guava juice to hydrate. Nibble on kiwis, or treat yourself to a cafecito (Cuban espresso). The Lincoln Road Farmers Market has it all when it comes to tropical delights. Ask, and you shall receive.

fruit Lincoln Road Farmers' Market

Mangoes, watermelon and apples at the Lincoln Road Farmers Market

pineapples Lincoln Road Farmers' Market

Plump pineapples at the Lincoln Road Farmers Market

Once satisfied, find some shade and explore Lincoln Road – you’ll immediately feed off its infectious energy. During my walk, the sounds of mimosa-filled glasses clinking, birds chirping and a cellist performing eighties hits (think “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun) lulled me into vacation mode.

Vintage jewelry Lincoln Road Farmers' Market

Vintage jewelry at the Lincoln Road Farmers Market

The Lincoln Road Farmers Market continues into most of the pedestrian shopping area, mingling with chain establishments from H&M to Starbucks. Boost your souvenir stockpile with practical items like Panama hats, or supplement your antique collection with silver tea sets.

You’ll notice the seamless blend of Spanish, Art Deco and modern architectural styles throughout your walk, reminding you of Miami’s vibrant history.


Historic Cadillac storefront (now a GUESS)

Speaking of history, Lincoln Road was once dubbed the Fifth Avenue of the South when Saks, Elizabeth Arden, Cadillac and other high-end stores ruled the promenade. Built in the 1920s, Florida’s elite shopped here until the 1970s, when South Beach’s economy flailed. Life returned to Lincoln Road in the eighties with Miami’s economic boom, and investors renovated historic buildings to reflect modern styles. Hundreds of people sauntered about Lincoln Road during my visit, proving its full-fledged comeback. French luxury bakery Ladurée’s presence alone signals the mall’s return to prominence. Macarons flown directly from Paris, anyone?


View of Lincoln Road Mall from Alton Road, Miami

Despite the scintillating sun and sweat dripping down the small of my back, I trekked up and down Lincoln Road at least four times. I couldn’t help myself from snapping more photos, and taking in the sweet smell of fresh fruit. The Lincoln Road Farmers Market, along with the avenue’s fascinating history, truly took my breath away. The only thing missing? Top Gun‘s Charlotte Blackwood, to teach me how to fly.


Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Hours: 9 AM to 6:30 PM

Yours truly,
Jonathan Ochart

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