Bye Bye, Cutesy Cupid

They say love takes over the heart, body and soul - a feverish obsession leaving its prey speechless and impassioned. Like a burning sensation, love smolders its victims with sometimes unrelenting fires. For those of you who know me, I enjoy calling the shots. Love? Ha, that can't touch me. Or can it? I think … Continue reading Bye Bye, Cutesy Cupid

Happy New Year, Happy New Year

Once again, time dictates my decision-making.  The dogmatic entity seems to stampede repeatedly over my impulses...I mean, as a journalism student, deadlines creep on me over and over again.  No time for superfluous chit-chat, unnecessary getaways, etcetera etcetera. Now, however, I'll utilize time to my advantage.  With the new year looming ahead, I decided to … Continue reading Happy New Year, Happy New Year

Cooking for a Small Holiday Dinner Party – College Edition

I love hosting dinner parties, especially during the holiday season where togetherness, merriment and yes, gluttony, become one.  However, when college, final exams, life and other duties cloud your mind, cooking rarely makes it on your to-do list - let alone cooking for yourself and others (that would require creating food that's not only pleasing … Continue reading Cooking for a Small Holiday Dinner Party – College Edition