What to Wear: Office Holiday Party

'Tis the season for caroling, candy canes and the much-anticipated company holiday party. We all look forward to indulging in merry meals and cups of cheer, but when the moment arrives to dress for the occasion, insanity ensues. Why? We want to appear festive and bright, but we also want to avoid looking too festive and bright. … Continue reading What to Wear: Office Holiday Party

Popping in at the MoMA, Andy Warhol and other Thoughts

"Pop." How can such a short, three-lettered word possess so many meanings? From carbonated sodas to music genres to loud noises, the homonym thrills with its transitional properties. My favorite definition of "pop", however, relates to the eclectic art movement. A brief description of Pop art: The movement commenced in Britain in the mid-1950s, and crossed over … Continue reading Popping in at the MoMA, Andy Warhol and other Thoughts

Brunching in Barcelona

Near Logan Circle, a vibrant tapas restaurant and wine bar sits among a heap of antique furniture shops and cafés. Aptly named 'Barcelona', the imaginative spot off 14th Street NW pours Spanish flavor onto classic brunch staples. To celebrate new beginnings, birthdays and farewells, I joined my friends last Sunday at Barcelona for a casual brunch. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading Brunching in Barcelona