The Eyes of Texas

Nostalgia for my college days, a friend tying the knot and a desire to escape the East Coast took me home to Austin, Texas, a few weeks ago. Ah, Austin. A city I tired of after four years of never-ending breakfast tacos, heat waves and studying for tests at the University of Texas. After moving to Washington, … Continue reading The Eyes of Texas

A Bold Body of Stripes

Work, school, work and school reign as my priorities. As such, painting the town red, dancing and writing blog posts now reside on the back burner. No need to worry, though - back burners can turn just as hot as those in the front! And with that, I turn up the heat on today's post. … Continue reading A Bold Body of Stripes

Cooking for a Small Holiday Dinner Party – College Edition

I love hosting dinner parties, especially during the holiday season where togetherness, merriment and yes, gluttony, become one.  However, when college, final exams, life and other duties cloud your mind, cooking rarely makes it on your to-do list - let alone cooking for yourself and others (that would require creating food that's not only pleasing … Continue reading Cooking for a Small Holiday Dinner Party – College Edition