Winter Cold Prescription: “Valley of the Dolls” Coats

Reach for warm coats this Winter season to prevent yourself from reaching for not-so-stylish anti-cold pills and dolls. I finished watching the 1967 film adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel, "Valley of the Dolls," over the weekend.  The film follows three women and their fates brought on by prescription drugs, or dolls, as they called … Continue reading Winter Cold Prescription: “Valley of the Dolls” Coats

Fashion Forward: Audrea Diaz’s Story

I had the opportunity to document an inspirational University of Texas graduate for my multimedia journalism class.  After two days of filming and interviewing, and endless hours in the lab editing, I created a video telling my subject's unique story. Audrea Diaz, 25, is a fashion reporter for The Horn and Austin Fusion Magazine. She … Continue reading Fashion Forward: Audrea Diaz’s Story