The Eyes of Texas

Nostalgia for my college days, a friend tying the knot and a desire to escape the East Coast took me home to Austin, Texas, a few weeks ago. Ah, Austin. A city I tired of after four years of never-ending breakfast tacos, heat waves and studying for tests at the University of Texas. After moving to Washington, … Continue reading The Eyes of Texas

Navigating Virginia’s Coast

One simply must take advantage of Memorial Day Weekend – it’s the perfect opportunity to catch some sun without burning to a painful crisp. Cool breezes caress your skin, your cheeks begins to glow…as such, staying indoors is not an option. In an attempt to escape the city, I traveled south for a three-day excursion … Continue reading Navigating Virginia’s Coast

Heidelberg’s “Old Bridge”: A Romantic View Just Around the Riverbend

Bridges symbolize a plethora of ideas in literature, from connecting one entity to another seemingly separate one, and finally rising above things simply flowing "under the bridge."  They also denote isolation from life, as all forms of life, from humans to plants, require water to survive.  But, enough of philosophical talk (I was just trying … Continue reading Heidelberg’s “Old Bridge”: A Romantic View Just Around the Riverbend