Heidelberg’s “Old Bridge”: A Romantic View Just Around the Riverbend

Bridges symbolize a plethora of ideas in literature, from connecting one entity to another seemingly separate one, and finally rising above things simply flowing “under the bridge.”  They also denote isolation from life, as all forms of life, from humans to plants, require water to survive.  But, enough of philosophical talk (I was just trying to be deep). I trekked to Heidelberg’s “Old Bridge” the other day, and with the sun actually shining, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.

Officially dubbed the Carl Theodor Bridge, after its builder, the Baroque structure inched toward life from 1786 until completion in 1788. According to the City of Heidelberg’s official website, a huge flood destroyed the original wooden bridges built in the same location since the 1200s.  I suppose Theodor realized the new bridge should not be made of wood, but stone.  As such, the nine red sandstone arches and double tower gates fit into the city and landscape quite well (that, and another bridge has yet to replace it…good work, Theodor).

A view of Heidelberg’s castle from the bridge.

Many a tourist take to the bridge for iconic sceneries spanning hopefully iconic photographs.

A statue of a man…too bad I don’t know German, or else I would have been able to understand the descriptive plate.

The beautiful bridge tower gate.

And right before stepping away back to the main street, I looked once more just around the river bend.  To be honest, I find Heidelberg quite boring compared to Austin. After all, a German city renowned for its lulling, romantic ways can get a bit repetitive when compared to a Texan city known for its endless festivals and exciting urban growth.  And even though I don’t choose the smoothest curve, like that above, I must admit it’s quite an ideal place to daydream before your dreams begin coming true.

That’s all.



4 thoughts on “Heidelberg’s “Old Bridge”: A Romantic View Just Around the Riverbend

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