Speak with your Eyes, Baby…and Transcend Above All!

Good morning, fashion show goers, For those of you already hampered by this obtrusive week, today is Tuesday. That means Transcend, 2013's University of Texas at Austin senior textiles and apparel fashion show organized by University Fashion Group, took place five days ago. After overcoming a sickness thanks to last week's weather that relentlessly drenched … Continue reading Speak with your Eyes, Baby…and Transcend Above All!

Transcending South Congress with Flyers

Howdy, my confidants, Serving as an assistant public relations director for University Fashion Group means parading across Austin, Texas, with flyers in my tapestry bag. Why? The student organization at The University of Texas organizes an annual fashion show held each April so senior textiles and apparel students can feature their designs. This year's show, … Continue reading Transcending South Congress with Flyers