Sunday Brunch with Mannequins at Der Maldaner

Back in Texas, people often meet with friends for Sunday brunch to catch up on their weeks (especially in Austin, where tangerine-tinged mimosas flow in abundance).  In Germany, however, brunch is a foreign concept.  While practically every retail store is closed as if on holiday, several restaurants don't open on the "day of rest" until … Continue reading Sunday Brunch with Mannequins at Der Maldaner

Milling Around Wiesbaden’s Marketstrasse

During the long weekend, my family and I drove to Wiesbaden.  The state capital of Hesse, located also in southwestern Germany (just under an hour's drive from Heidelberg), the city boasts ancient hot springs and some of Germany's finest casinos. It's no wonder why real estate costs so much in that region; with gargantuan yet … Continue reading Milling Around Wiesbaden’s Marketstrasse