Milling Around Wiesbaden’s Marketstrasse

During the long weekend, my family and I drove to Wiesbaden.  The state capital of Hesse, located also in southwestern Germany (just under an hour’s drive from Heidelberg), the city boasts ancient hot springs and some of Germany’s finest casinos. It’s no wonder why real estate costs so much in that region; with gargantuan yet refined architecture, natural spas and quite a respectable shopping district, Wiesbaden offers a plethora of diversions.

While strolling down one of the capital’s many cobblestone streets, we came across the city’s “Marktstrasse”, or Market Street. Luckily, locals were out and about selling and buying summer harvests.  Scents of luscious, sweet strawberries and plump cherries waltzed through the warm air while fresh meats, fish and breads stayed put in their carts.

A photo of the city’s stunning buildings and the market below just before entering the busy plaza.

A photo of the street sign.

A selection of fresh, nectarous fruit. Even the bees and other insects were buzzing around them!

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these strawberries, or erdbeeren. I could honestly taste them, their powerful yet sweet scent filled the air so robustly.

White asparagus, or spargel, are in season as well. Whether eaten simply baked with light oil, grilled, or glazed with hollandaise sauce to compliment a schnitzel, Germans love spargel’s crisp, fresh taste in seemingly any shape or form.

A local egg and vegetable seller tending a customer.  Notice the passerby with Starbucks coffees in their hands; Starbucks is popular here, just like in the U.S.  (;

Look how leafy those greens are!

Walking through the market reminded me of yet another beautiful aspect of German culture.  In addition to selling high-quality and appetizing healthy foods, conducting commerce outside in the city center brings people of different backgrounds together in one place for the same, palatable products.  That, and it’s a nice change to go grocery shopping outside rather than in a freezing, static supermarket.

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