And so it Begins…

Who knew that with the rising of the sun on this mid-October day, a new chapter of my life would begin. No, more like a new book. Or blog.

Honestly, I used to make fun of blogs. I thought that they were a waste of time, and perhaps a way to get attention. I just never liked the idea of having a blog. B-L-O-G. What an ugly word, just one letter shy from being “bog.” Yuck.

Since my hatchling years, however, I’ve grown, and now I’m embarking on an adventure aiming to discover the worth of things around us that often fail to receive much attention. Thanks to advice from interviews with professionals in the Journalism field, I’ve decided to leave my nest in order to perceive the world differently, and more beautifully.

My dream, or the way I like to see it, my destiny, is to transform into a renowned journalist who writes about topics I enjoy, ranging from cultures, interesting traditions, and yes, men’s fashion. On my way towards this goal, I hope I can share and maybe even enlighten others in my situation. Being just one swallow in a flight of several thousand at the University of Texas may seem a bit overwhelming, but if I ride the wind just right, I might just see the world from a whole new perspective.

As they say, the early bird gets the worm, and even though I find worms disgusting (I haven’t actually tried eating one, but sour candy ones are AMAZING), let’s just hope this journey of mine will help me get the juciest, fattest, perfectly salmon-colored worm filled with inspiration.

Until next time, chew on that – although it might not be as delicious as some fried chicken served at the dining hall on this fine Saturday night. YUM. :)

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