I fail to be a fan of writing about myself (doing so is one of the reasons why I was hesitant to begin my blogging journey), but I just have to mention one thing that happened to me today: I saw Sandra Bullock! As I was departing Whole Foods with a bag full of fattening, delicious morsels of food, I decided to take a break from walking so much (I walked to downtown from campus and back) by visiting the nearby Starbucks. I didn’t get anything fancy, just a tall iced coffee with milk, with a splash of Splenda to sweeten up my day – and I thought that my day couldn’t get any sweeter. 

Boy was I surprised when I saw Miss Congeniality herself as I was leaving the coffee shop.  Those few seconds when I realized who that impeccably dressed woman that passed by me pretty much made several hours hours of my day better than I could imagine.  I’ve never been so close to a celebrity before, so simply seeing a star forced my eyes to glitter in amazement. Okay, I know this whole blog post sounds corny, but the dazzling actress left me starstruck and speechless (which happen to be the titles of two Lady Gaga songs, by the way. Maybe I’ll get to see her next!). Basically, eyeing a bit of the fame makes life more interesting, and after searching for a little excitement lately, this incident was the cherry to my coffee that could never be there in the first place.

Bullock after grocery shopping in downtown Austin on Oct. 29, 2010 (

 And even though I’m not going to see the Harry Potter movie tonight (I’ve yet to read the last book. Extremely blasphemous, I know), I’m alright with that, because I’ve had my fill of Hollywood to last me for a while :)

And that’s more than enough about me – what celebrities have you seen in person before? How did you react? Feel free to comment!

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