The Devil Wears …um I can’t read the shoe label

Good afternoon ladies, gents, and facebook friends,

Okay, so I must admit that a rather annoying cold, an endless assortment of tests and a project have successfully prevented me from posting sooner. But my nasty cold finally flew away and carried the pasty face and haggard cough along with it. I hope someone shot at it or something to make sure it’ll never come back, because, after all it’s legal to have guns in Texas. Wooo. There’s a plus. +

Since one ugly thing has fallen from my life I decided to take the time and just do it. I went vintage shopping about a month ago with a friend and I ended up buying some pretty nice vintage Italian-made shoes for only $20. Their shiny black color captured me the way Ariel from the Little Mermaid was drawn in to trading her fins for some legs by sacrificing her AMAZING voice (seriously, I don’t know who wouldn’t want to be a merfolk, but exceptions always exist). Anyway, I love them to death and they’re really all I ever get complimented on by random people in the street so they denounce my predisposition that wearing used things leads to nothing but ridicule.

I make my shoes model for me

Give it a shot – shopping for some threads at the thrift shop isn’t that bad. You’ll be surprised as to what you might find. If you’re in Austin I suggest heading down to South Congress – it’s loaded with vintage shops. For college students around the country, just search downtown and I’m sure you’ll find at least one. Keep in mind that places like Goodwill actually offer a nice assortment of classic trends. I mean when cheap and chic combine you’ll be feeling nothing but fine, in both ways, holla!

I just wish I knew who designed the shoes. The label is worn, so there goes my chance at admitting that I have some designed by Prada. That’s all.

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