Get Out the Coat

So, to some citizens of the grand United States of America, the November election results were surprising or even disheartening – kind of like the brutal falling temperatures and unrelenting winds that made their way into Austin this week, as well as a number of other cities across North America. And for the reasons listed above, it’s evident that it’s never too late, or too early, for that matter, to get out the vote and the coat.

And even though I feel like dying right now with this pesky sickness, I garnered enough strength to make a new post in order to form a more perfect democracy, establish fashion as an imporant item on the American agenda, and to ensure that no one else suffers from such a horrible plague. The horror.

So, searching to combine sophistication and patriotism towards the world of fashion while combating the flu? Then do so with these trendy coats.

Burberry Prorsum, Fall 2010 –

 The pea coat has always possessed utmost style and found its way into several designers’ fall collections. Go for a military-inspired jacket with brass buttons like the one above, or even turn heads with a simple, classic one.  Great color choices include navy, grey and black.

Looking to melt away the elements? Doing so is possible with a blazing hot blazer, preferably accompanied with a simple, silky scarf to protect the neck.

Calvin Klein, Fall 2010 –

Sporting a blazer intertwines a sophisticated, professional look, but can also take on a casual appearance when worn with dark-blue jeans or fitted pants. The blazer’s duality is timeless.

Lastly, if hoping to withstand any and all elements, the trench coat will deliver. The master protector against tempests and blizzards can look a bit overwhelming with its length, but aim for a sleek, fitted one with a solid color (patterns will definitely overwhelm) to easily pull it off.

Yves Saint Laurent, Fall 2010 –

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