Wookies Rn’t Us

I said brr, it’s cold in here, I said there must be some wookies in the atmosphere!

Talk about a serious wind effect!

Oh-lee-oh-lee orrr, in simpler prose, it’s getting cold outside. More like freezing, especially at dawn, and there’s nothing more annoying than dressing to withstand falling temperatures in the morning to leave an afternoon class and feel the wrath of an envious sun.

So “Bring it On,” wintry winds! Bring it on, afternoon sun, because fashion will dominate this next weather challenge.

Therefore, guys, it’s time to take out your scarves, or better yet, time to update your collection. The highly versatile accessory appeared in a number of designers’ shows featuring thick knits, smooth silks and more.

D&G Men’s Fall Collection 2010, Milan – Style.com

 Okay, so you don’t have to go all-out with scarves and sweaters as in D&G’s Fall collection, unless you plan on skiing down the Zugspitze or attempting to outdo a fashionable wookie.

I personally enjoy Bottega Veneta’s Fall collection involving scarves- it embraces everything a men’s scarf should contain: a fresh palette of colors, a simple, uniform texture and most importantly, innovative ways to sport the neck accessory. Shoot for these looks to turn heads.

Bottega Veneta’s Men’s Fall Collection 2010 – Style.com
Bottega Veneta’s Men’s Fall Collection 2010 – Style.com
Bottega Veneta’s Men’s Fall Collection 2010 – Style.com
The scarf’s best element is that they protect against the cold and can be easily taken off and carried during the warmer parts of the day. Fashion and functionality intertwine to formulate this season’s popular accessory – make your way to work or class a runway by choosing scarves similar to those above (chunky, smooth and silky) or choose ones with unique patterns that are sure to spur compliments.

And don’t forget, a simple scarf is perfect if it’s color captures your attention, in a positive way, that is.

Now that’s a wrap! (The wrap is a great scarf style, by the way, and look out for a future blog post on how to rock your newly-bought scarf).

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