H&M & M&Ms

So yesterday, H&M officially announced that it will open its own fashion haven for the first time in the good ol’ South. In Texas. In Dallas, for that matter. At least it’s not coming to Austin, and although an opening in the state capital would be phenomenal for the city’s style, it would most likely take away from our commuinty’s unique taste for fashion. Seriously, the vintage stores here make my world go ’round (I’ve received more compliments on the used shoes I purchased on South Congress than on all of my H&M clothes combined, which obviously shows that vintage reigns as king here!). Moreover, other people would be wearing my clothes. And for that reason, I’m grateful that the Swedish company decided to treat Dallas and trick Austin into thinking that someday, we’ll have an H&M too.

Check out the article containing all the facts from the Dallas Morning News for more information regarding the store’s debut in the South: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/bus/stories/102710dnbushm.154fc0d.html

But on a happier note, Halloween is creeping in on us like that creeper thing from Scooby Doo! (Talk about an intense unibrow. And if you dye your hair a different color, make sure to dye your eyebrows as well. The Creeper obviously didn’t follow that rule.)


Even though formulating a costume this late can be troubling, just follow one rule: don’t try to look too attractive. Yes, in college, wearing suggestive materials is appreciated by a number of members of the oppostie sex, but don’t get carried away.

Turn heads while dressed appropriately, like we did on the drag on a typical Wednesday night.

All I’m saying is please be safe this Halloween and don’t get tricked into giving away your treats. After all, M&Ms, my favorite Halloween candy (and Almond Joys, yum) are just too good to lose. Especially the red ones.

So take a bite out of crime as a vampire-cop, put a spell on fashion dressed as a chic witch, or just embrace Halloween by wearing animal ears. Just never, ever give away your M&Ms, or clothes from H&M for that matter. They’re just all too good to be true, like showing up at a costume party dressed as an ex-wife (& another tip: don’t wear fake teeth! Just don’t!)

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