Pondering at Turtle Pond

Throughout the day I looked forward to composing my next blog post. Why? Well, I was planning on going to Starbucks to fashion my new piece while sipping on a delicious, creamy beverage. I thought about how great the day would end while making my bed in the morning, working out at the gym, simply eating a salad for lunch and finishing up my Journalism essay. But no.

Of course, while waiting on my chocolate smoothie marked “Johnathan” rather than “Jonathan,” some weird girl covered in ridiculous amounts of stripes (horizontals and verticals) decided to take the only seat left in the place: a fluffy, crimson armchair I CLEARLY marked with the bulletin given to me once mass ended minutes before. Right before my eyes, I saw the confused, puzzled look painted on her face once viewing the pamphlet while piling her books and bags upon MY chair. Then she sat down, and began reading. If I was in my usual state of mind, I would’ve let the divo in me shine and tell her to move – politely, of course. But then, I remembered the reason why I was planning on writing this piece.

And for that reason, I’m sipping my smoothie at Turtle Pond.

You see, life these days seems to be nothing but a race to get a degree as fast as I can, while having fun, obviously. I pass Turtle Pond all the time on my way to class and social events, but I never take a moment to actually look at the pond itself. I’m usually too busy concerned with my walk and whether my H&M top looks good with my white pants or not. But after class on Friday, I decided to take a break and delve into something I’ve never really paid any attention to.

Oh my G, that’s all I have to say. Turtles are SO cool. Before my escapade, I thought turtles were bland, boring creatures who crawled less than a mile an hour. But now, I see them as so much more, not only reptiles that come up to me when I sit by the pond, that interact with one another in curious ways I cannot understand, but a sort of reminder that sometimes, it’s a good idea to take a break from reality, like these turtles I found sprawled atop a leaf and getting some sun:

The one up there tried to bite me, but I guess that’s what happens when you turn into turtle papapaparazzi!

Don’t fret over how curly the sides of your hair are, but cherish the fact that you have some volume. Don’t seek vengeance on a possibly innocent weird girl who takes the seat you marked.

What I’m saying is, just take some time out of your day and smell the roses (like this random fake one coated in glitter I found the other day) – the unexplored possibilities surrounding us can tint our lives with nothing short of perfection.

And on a less serious note: I just had to include this video! Although both of us have the same name, I must admit that I’m not a turtle fanatic. I promise that I’m not obsessed with the slow and slimy-skinned species. I solemnly swear over my shell! ,=,e Now that wasn’t an awkward turtle…

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