Don’t let the Rain Keep your Style from Singing!

Due to a number of requests from female friends of mine, I present to you my take on women’s rain boots, including what styles I find appealing in addition to how to wear them. People probably think I’m a freak for looking at women’s shoes online but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to help out the opposite sex.

Okay, I always thought the Morton Salt girl wore rain boots but I’ll include the picture anyway, because I recently found some differently-styled rain boots that will cause a pour of compliments to come your way. Then you’ll really have someone begging to come under your umbrella, eh?

Don’t let the rain dampen your style.
Like Vera Bradley items?  Then these slightly-heeled water protectors similar to the popular brand are for you. Play with patterns and mesmerize passerby when strolling down the street in these colorful rain boots. Tuck your pants in to show off the perfectly palatable palette and cause some commotion.
Click here to find out more.
Looking for an alternative style? Check out these simple yet seductive and stylish rain shoes. Their unique shape will have you stepping into a fashion wonderland in no time.
Go here to see more about this boot as well as other designs.

But, if you really want to turn heads, slip on these sleek and chic rain boots. I know they’d catch my attention, and for me, their best quality is that one would never guess that they protect against the elements. Wear with skinny jeans or fitted pants tucked into the boots to become the talk of the town.

Wanna get checked out? Then check these out here.

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