Bring Joy to the World and those Holiday Parties with Crisp Style

Want to be the envy of others at Christmas parties? Then stow away those tacky sweaters, stockings and elf shoes – unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for. Follow these guidelines to become the shiny star at the very top of the Christmas tree rather than a grossly-garbed grinch.

He might be smizing but his style is far from hypnotizing.


If you’re having trouble staying warm during the wintertime or just want a simple, clean-cut look, sport a simple sweater (V-necks look better) bearing bold seasonal colors. Bright or rich reds, greys, purples and browns are easy ways to pop out of the crowd in a conservative manner. Add a crisp, sleek blazer to add a more sophisticated appearance if desired.  Pair these clothes with jeans or fitted dress pants (pants with a sheen will help brighten up the night) and add some loafers for an easy-going yet well put-together style.

Marc Jacobs, Fall Collection 2010

Marc Jacobs’ collection featured a number of ensembles featuring the blazer and sweater look, as shown above. If you want to take it to the next level, however, follow Tommy Hilfiger’s fall look below. The blazer’s accents match the turtleneck sweater pulling the two items together, while the stripes below and the pants add a bit of color and flair for a fun yet fashionable outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger, Fall Collection 2010

Simply follow these tips and mix in your own style to create a unique look that will keep any party from being a silent night full of frump.

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