Spruce up your Spring Style with Shocking Socks

Remember the age-old advice our parents gave us, more like forced us, to take into account when proudly dressing ourselves for the first time? “Match your socks with your shoes and when it comes to style, you’ll never lose”; that is, brown socks must be coupled with brown shoes and black socks must complement black shoes. Booooring.

Tommy Hilfiger tossed this conservative approach to the side and slipped some colorful and textured socks into his Spring 2011 Men’s collection, keeping it classy yet a tad bit sassy. And I love when classy and sassy come together; when they do, I just can’t get them out of my head.


Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2011 Men’s Collection
Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2011 Men’s Collection

Complementing your outfit with colored socks (preferably solids; they’re easy on the eye, sophisticated and easy to match with several outfits), either casually or formally, is like the Aunt Jemima syrup on buttered pancakes, the extra bacon in your breakfast taco, and that shot of, um, vanilla syrup in your morning coffee.

Don’t be cold, be bold, and you’ll find your style being sold on the cover of GQ magazine. Okay, so maybe throwing in some socks that pop won’t instantly turn you into a renowned fashion icon, but you’ll get some recognition by passerby, I prom. That’s what happens when you pair hot pink socks with patent leather loafers…ha.

You can find these magical and stylish socks at your local Urban Outfitters, and most department stores.

One thought on “Spruce up your Spring Style with Shocking Socks

  1. Eileen says:

    Sorry for creeping, but I just really had to comment on this, and say:no. no.and no.This style will look tacky on anyone other than runway models who attempt to pull it off, not to mention, the runway is supposed to be a place where designers can test their creative limits. The streets, no matter where those streets may be, most definitely are not accommodating to runway fashion, and you'll most likely be shunned, laughed at, or stared at. Just.. no. The style is reminiscent of the middle-aged Italian player style. It just doesn't work well!

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