Who’s That Girl?

I should be studying for my upcoming test this afternoon, but my head and feet already hurt from these shoes. I feel like eating some fried chicken too but it’s not even ten in the morning yet. Oh well, at least today’s not as bad as the current Lady Gaga.

Vogue March cover, 2011. mtv.com
Wow Lady Gaga, you look really pretty! Good job, Anna. I love how her eyebrows match her dress color.  Love it.

I’m not a negative person; I see the good in everybody and everything. But Lady Gaga has simply disappointed me, and I cannot accept the “little monster” title anymore. Why? Because of this “Judas” song. I’m now Katy Perry’s California Boy.

1.       What happened to Just Dance? Poker Face? Paparazzi? Bad Romance? You transformed from  a pop, fun and still unique sensation into some dark, creepy, yellow- rather than platinum-blonde.
2.       If you really, sincerely cared about the diverse groups you sang about in “Born this Way,” you would’ve spent more than ten minutes writing the lyrics.
3.       “Judas! Juda-as Judas! Juda-as
 Judas! Juda-as Judas! GAGA”
 What does this even mean? Why do you say “Gaga” right after singing ‘Judas’ like 5 million   times?
4.       I’ve seen those dance moves in “Judas” before…
5.       I think the Fame Monster ate you up and spat you out, keeping the Fame.
6.       Wear an ear condom? Really?

Eh eh, I guess there’s nothing else I can say. Honestly, Lady G, I want your bad romance, but I guess all your love goes to Judas. Have fun with that, and if you return to what you used to be, pick up the telephone and let me know. I doubt you’ll be kinda busy then. That’s all. <3

PS Lady G, my birthday party theme last year was “Lady Gaga.” I regret that choice now, as well as my outfit – I don’t know why I bought a black and gray velvet paisley vest, but I guess we all do stupid things when we idolize a “Fame hooker, prostitute wench” who “vomits her mind.”

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