Give your Ties a Rest this Summer and Awaken your Style with Neckerchiefs

Do you ever have that itching feeling to cover up your neck? I don’t know, maybe because you feel cold thanks to chilling breezes, or maybe you feel that your Adam’s apple seems extra big one day? But  how do you solve such problems in the summertime, where wearing a scarf would make you sweat, not to mention make you look like a wrapped-up freak?  Well, if you suffer from the mentioned issues above or from any other unsightly neck problems (sunburned skin, perhaps?), you should work some neckerchiefs into your summer wardrobe. They’re totally in this season, and obviously not limited to sailors and flight attendants anymore. So go add some flair to your style and cause some commotion at those fantastically fun family reunions, river parties, downtown escapades and whatever else makes you happy when the sun’s shining brightly.
Salvatore Ferragamo (one of my favorite designers) weaved several neckerchiefs into his Spring 2011 menswear collection. Wear one casually or when dressing for a special occasion to add some spark with an unexpected accessory.
Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2011 Menswear
One of this accessory’s best features is it’s versatility; similar to a scarf, you can wear a neckerchief countless ways, from mimicking the styles above, creating a cowboy-inspired look with a paisley bandana, dressing it up with silky material tied to the side to wearing one like a sailor – under the collar and tied in the front. Just make sure that your outfit isn’t too busy and that the neckerchief isn’t too flashy, and you’ll be sailing the seas and the streets in style.  Pulling this look off may be challenging, but rising over standard summer looks will dramatically increase your style. 

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