Who Wears Short Shorts? We do, Obvs.!

In 1958, the Royal Teens released its hit single “Short Shorts,” in which the band asked “Who wears short shorts?” and girls responded with “We wear short shorts” in a New Joysey accent. Well, more that 50 years have passed since that repetetive song surfaced the United States, and now, boys sport short shorts too. Wahoo!

You don’t need perfectly hairless legs or toned thighs to pull these off, just make sure you own the pavement with your walk and you’ll make people adore your style.
Gucci Spring 2011 Menswear Collection

Pair your shorts with some stylish sandals, flip-flops or canvas shoes. Top it off with a v-neck and some stunning sunglasses and you’ll radiate more heat than the sun itself.
Gucci Spring 2011 Menswear Collection

Gucci’s 2011 Spring Menswear collection included only two ensembles featuring short shorts, but they definitely stood out on the runway. Wear some cut-off shorts slightly above your knee or higher (not too high though, daisy dukes might start feeling uncomfortable after a while…) and you’ll look like you just came back from Milan. Although the trend is fairly European, I’ve seen several guys on campus who incorporate these shorts into their outfits. After all, fitted short shorts prove to be perfect companions to those fitted summer t-shirts.

Don’t have any or are short on money? No problem! Pull out an old pair of jeans or pants that are so last season and cut them until they resemble your ideal pair of short shorts. Not only are you saving some cash, but you’re saving the environment as well, all while expanding your wardrobe and looking fierce. Now that’s killing four birds with one stone, guess it was just a flock of flawlessly fashionable fowl.

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