Fry Away Fat and Bring your Body from Mild to Spicy

Living in Germany offers few options for Southern (much less Cajun) flavor to dance upon my tongue, which is super unfortunate since I became accustomed to some of the best southern-style restaurants I’ve ever tried back in Texas. Therefore, if I’m looking for some jazzy entrees in my life, I’m restricted to visiting the Popeyes on the American military base (because Germany only has KFC’s, which are pretty repulsive…I mean that chicken is so not “finger lickin’ good”). Needless to say, soul food fills my empty soul with everything that I need.
mm mmm look at that yummi pile of bonafide chicken (and biscuits!)

I’ve visited Popeyes so many times this summer I can’t recall my actual number of visits on both hands…but maybe the additional centimeters on my waistline suffice. Thank goodness to all the angels in Cajun heaven that Popeyes recently released a new menu featuring lean options called “Get up and Geaux.” Now, you can experience that tasty Cajun flavor without causing your stomach to jiggle while it tickles your tongue and makes you giggle thanks to those addicting spices (just trying to bust a rhyme, don’t hate, appreciate, y’all). This proves especially beneficial since it’s swimsuit season!

Why not try the new “Naked Tenders Meal,” the “Naked Chicken Wrap,” or the “Naked Chicken BBQ Po’Boy”? I mean, I’m sure the fact that these tasty meals are naked will most likely make the consumer look better naked, right?

Reading the quotes on Popeyes’ wallpaper is one of my favorite past-times when waiting for my juicy chicken (weird, but whatever). So, in the words of that blue guy playing the sax surrounded by cute little crabs about to jump into a pot of boiling water, “When you smilin’, you ain’t whinin’, for true!” and that’ll be the case when you try Popeyes’ delicious yet healthy new options, because you’ll be smilin’ so hard when your body goes from mild to
s-p-i-c-y. ;)

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