Versace for H&M

Last year, the Lanvin fashion house designed various items for H&M, including stunning dress shoes featuring a metallic sheen and countless eye-catching, colorful patterned shirts and pants. Well, good news for H&M lovers and Versace aficionados: Donatella Versace will design an exclusive collection for H&M to be released this November! In a short video, the iconic Italian designer stated that customers can look forward to prints, leather, gold, studs, and “rock & roll.”
Donatella looks quite  fierce with her leather dress adorned with studs and gold accents during her Spring 2012 menswear show June 20.  And guess what? This dress will be one of the items to be included in her H&M collection. Che bella!

If her items look anything like what she designed for her Spring 2012 menswear collection, this collaboration should prove rather extraordinary and totally worth every dime. I might even dye my hair platinum blonde to look even more like the exquisitely glamorous Italian designer – I mean, blondes have more fun, right? Just kidding, of course – but look below for some of my favorite looks from the collection and gain some inspiration for your future wardrobe purchases:
Okay, this look may be a bit riske but I love the prints put together for this ensemble – he looks like a man geisha and pulls it off well (and that doesn’t happen often). I wouldn’t recommend walking in public with a similar outfit, but to sport a similar yet professional look, pair black and white clothes and add a bright item or two (cardigan, socks, shoes, bracelet, scarf) to add a colorful contrast that’ll make you, and your style, pop.
The cardigan’s delicate craftmanship captivates me – the sharp deep V shape definitely accentuates the body while the color simply attracts the eye’s attention, like how a buttercup courts a bee.
This is one look to expect in Versace’s H&M collection. So rock & roll with all that leather and embroidery, and it manages to look super masculine yet stylish as well.  Love the studded shirt underneath.

To view the entire collection, visit Although Donatella incorporated the three primary colors into her looks, she painted something more complex thanks to rich hues and contrasting blues, yellows and reds. Check them out!

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