Celebrities Celebrate Versace Collaboration for H&M

If I were a celebrity, I would’ve made sure to make an appearance at the Versace for H&M launch party Nov. 8 at Pier 57 in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Let’s just say I’d be packing some glamorous, tasteful, boldly beautiful eye-catching patterns and a brink touch of pink into my outfit to grasp Donatella’s attention. I had a dream last night that Ms. Versace and I were friends and we went swimming and she complimented my swimsuit – random, I know, but that was probably the best dream I ever had! Take a look at my favorite (and least favorite) celebrity looks of those who attended the event:

Chase Crawford plays it safe but looks elegant by simply pairing a tuxedo jacket, cream crew-neck T-shirt and a black scarf with Versace’s Greek detailing

Also donning a blazer, Blake Lively looks dashing with a black and white dress featuring a symmetrical pattern and in authentic Versace fashion, gold studs.

Prince heated the party up not only with his performance, but by pulling off a wide-lapelled blazer over an animal print-like shirt and pocket square.

Susie Lao impressibly pulls together two different busy prints, one splashed with palm trees and another featuring golden suns. I think the Miami motif, along with the solid-colored bag and heels bring the look together.
Dressing boldly is not only a remarkable skill that exudes confidence, but garners admiration from the fashion community. However, the pink panther look doesn’t work here. It would’ve been better if Mark Ronson utilized only one hot pink item and color blocked the rest of his outfit.

Nicki Minaj looks a hot mess. Maybe the background contributes to the messy nature of this look, but the ensemble fails to inspire.  I didn’t know someone could take the palm tree motif so literally as to incorporate it into their hair!  It looks a bit super base. 
For more celebrity looks, visit Versace’s Facebook album featuring other stars like Ke$ha, Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto at https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10150926888960176.761063.260751060175&type=1.

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