Versace for H&M Cruise Collection

I remember being so excited about the Versace for H&M collection. After seeing the pieces online, I planned months in advance as to how I would raid the Heidelberg H&M when I returned home over winter break. Who doesn’t want to treat themselves to some leather, studs, “gold” and goods screaming with loud prints? Oh, and don’t forget about the “rock and roll” vibe Donatella mentioned in the promotional video.
Unfortunately, by the time I got home (like a month after the collection was released – late, I know) I couldn’t find a trace of some cheap Versace pieces. I couldn’t even find a lost stud or thread.  With friends who actually travelled to the nearest H&M the day the collection was released, only to find that most of the items were gone after standing in line for hours, I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything at all.
For those of you who lost out on the first collection, a cruise collection (with much less offered than in the first collection) by the glamorous Italian fashion house is due for release in select stores January 19.  That’s perfect, because I leave a couple days before then.  Rather than having an H&M just 10 minutes away, it’ll be in a completely different city hours from Austin. Woo!
I won’t get my hopes up on getting even one item from this second collection, but here are a few pieces to look out for. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and get your hands on these looks surely to catch someone’s attention (at the swimming pool, perhaps?) on those warm spring and summer days.
These pieces look very Gaga before she went Bad Romance and Judas on us – they possess a sweet yet sultry and poppish vibe.  When looking through the clothes I kept singing the “cherry cherry boom boom” lyric from “Eh eh, Nothing Else I can Say” in my head, random I know but I think it accurately captures the mood of the collection…anyway, take a look at some of the items online.  Most of them are super basic, but that’s because it’s a cruise collection.

To see all the pieces, visit I’m guessing that it’ll be uploaded onto the U.S. site relatively soon.

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