I Wanna Dance with your Style

With the unfortunate death of Whitney Houston, I have fortunately been hearing her songs in practically every store I enter.

Still from Houston’s music video for “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Just look at her, she looks like a Barbie doll – and note that not everyone can pull off colorful plastic earrings!

Just yesterday I was ordering an iced tea with a Sweet & Low, and lo and behold, Houston’s “How Will I Know” was playing! Let’s just say the barista and I were doing a little jig, clicking our heels together in excitement, teehee.

My personal fave WH hit: “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Why? Um because who doesn’t wanna dance with somebody? Plus she looked fab in that music video, and a taxi driver sang along with me to the musical number while driving my friends and me back to mi casa from downtown Heidelberg last Winter.

In addition to reigning as a music icon, she served up some pretty stunning styles and looks back in the day. Take a peek, and then some, at these superbly smashing ensembles:

Girl had mad style even before she hit age 10! She even had those spectacular model poses on lock.

A metallic bow and arm warmers? A must for killer ’80s style.

She pulled off loud yet refined looks, such as this giant applique flower in this look.

My favorite aspect of her style back in the ’80s was that she embraced her lovely locks. With that volume and luscious curls, who wouldn’t? She put limp hair to shame!

Although she passed away, she’ll forever live on as a style icon, at least in my book. Rest in peace, and may the fashion gods be with you forever <3

Photos courtesy of graziadaily.co.uk, bathknightblog.com, fortheloveoftv.wordpress.com, and shine.yahoo.com.


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