Farrah, an Angel Forever

Despite the multitude of SXSW events that took place in Austin last week, I luckily spotted this lovely tee shirt boasting the iconic, sultry yet respectable photo of Farrah Fawcett at Urban Outfitters downtown.

$24, Urbanoutfitters.com

In addition to selling approximately 12 million posters in the ’70s, the photo demonstrated Farrah’s deftness in appealing to the American culture. Even more captivating is the fact that she made up her face and styled her hair herself, accentuating the one-piece red bathing suit successfully without additional help. In essence, she was an angel with a charming, yet clever and intelligent, eye.

The iconic poster image, wikipedia.org

As such, the image, which broke records for the amount of posters sold, serves more than a statistic. Similarly, wearing one of the tee shirts serves more than throwing something on your back.

Currently, a percentage of sales from purchased tee shirts will be donated to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, whose mission “is to provide funding to for alternativer methods of cancer research, clinical trials, prevention, and awareness with an emphasis on anal and pediatric cancers.”

I wore this shirt today, paired with white jeans and a denim jacket (to off-set the white) for a perfect “second-day-of-Spring” outfit.  Knowing that fashion also contributes to combating cancer influences me to appreciate the industry even more, as it obviously doesn’t serve only superficial ideals.

So, go ahead and visit your local Urban Outfitters or order online to not only wear an icon, but to be an angel to those facing cancers.

Yours truly,

Jonathan <3

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