Heaven Knows – A Tribute to Donna Summer

Someone left the cake out in the rain. And while it may have taken 63 years to bake it, the recipe followed to create not only a stunning musical career, but iconic personality and personal style, will not be forgotten.


I was listening to Summer’s disco hits on Spotify while working out just that morning before her death.  Her music screamed diva, and that’s why I listened to it not only when exercising, but walking to class, cleaning, perusing through the grocery store…and most importantly, primping myself up for a night out dancing.

Of course, her signature style awakened my senses whenever watching her music videos and live performances online.  Whether decked out in flamboyantly fabulous get-ups or simple ensembles, Summer’s looks captured disco’s spirit while working them flawlessly.  She demonstrated confidence’s power when it came to dressing over-the-top.


Above: One of my favorite Summer looks (even if it’s an album cover). It’s like a jumpsuit/dress with a floral pattern matching the wearer’s uplifting, invigorating personality.


Above: Who can get more ’70s than Summer in a sheer royal blue Halston-esque dress with sparkles to spare?

Here are some additional looks I love, whether for their out-of-this-worldliness, beauty, etc.:




She taught listeners that it’s okay to wait for some hot stuff rather than spending nights alone, to feel love, to work hard for your money and expect to be treated right.

That being said, Summer lives on as more than the “Queen of Disco,” but a lasting legacy inspiring us to embrace the diva within while turning our sometimes humdrum lives into a dance floor.  Heaven knows.

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