Feasting Parisian-Style, sans Caviar

Some people consider Paris the fashion capital of the world, others say it’s New York…and others believe Milan deserves the title. When it comes to gourmet and casual food, however, Paris takes the cake (or macaron, in France’s case).  Although I only visited for four days, nearly each meal I devoured left me hungry for more.  Yes, after eating three (and sometimes four) course meals, I still longed for at least one more crème brûlée.  Call me ravenous, a glutton…your choice.

I just praise the angels who designed Paris’ layout for all the stairs I had to climb to ride the metro, or else I would have had to purchase clothes in the next size up!

Here’s a look at some (not all) of the dishes I consumed.


Our first night in the Latin Quarter led us to Au Petit Bistro. Its menu option provides the starving soul an entree, main dish and dessert for about 12 Euro. How’s that for a culinary deal?


Since I was attempting to keep my New Year’s resolutions, I opted for a salad topped with duck breast. I’ll admit the consistency felt a bit foreign to me, but it tasted like a more sophisticated type of deli meat.


Of course, my ever-so cultured brother ordered escargot in a garlic sauce. I tried one for the first time and thought it tasted scrumptious, though I’m not the biggest fan of gummy foods.


My brother ordered boeuf bourguignon, or beef burgundy, with green beans, potatoes and pasta. The tender beef fell right off the fork, and boasted a perfect consistency and rich flavor.


No French meal seems complete without a crème brûlée, which my father ordered. I submitted to my palette’s urges and took a few bites, and fell in love. There went my resolution!


The next day, we stopped at a little bistro a few blocks from the Hotel De Ville for a quick lunch. I ordered a broccoli and salmon quiche which, of course, tasted scrumptious.


That evening, I solely wanted a small meal, so I opted for an eggplant charlotte stuffed with fish (I forgot which kind) bathed in a pea sauce. Needless to say, it tasted as delicious as it looked.


Every other day or so, I stuffed my face with macarons. Strawberry, chocolate, coffee, lemon…it doesn’t matter which flavor, I love them all the same!


After strolling through the Musee d’Orsay, we filled our hungry stomachs with food from yet another small bistro. I ate a ham and cheese omelet, which satiated my Somersizing needs.


During our last dinner, I chose the warm goat cheese salad, and it was divine. The play of flavors and temperatures transformed my palette into some sort of a wonderland…warm cheese and room temperature greens tasted perfect.


Grilled chicken breast with a zesty mustard sauce…need I say more?


My brother decided on an apple tart for dessert, and thought it had a consistency similar to applesauce…I thought it was pretty good, but not as tasty as…


another crème brûlée!

After gorging on countless meals, I’ll admit I gained a few pounds.  Nonetheless, I’ve also gained even more appreciation for French cuisine – it’s definitely a nice change of pace compared to all the Tex-Mex food I’m used to back in Austin!  If you ever find yourself in Paris, or France, don’t fear trying new food (or snails!).

Yours truly,


16 thoughts on “Feasting Parisian-Style, sans Caviar

  1. B. in the Know says:

    I am totally with you – j’adore Paris! It has been three years now since I was there, but I loved every minute of my time there! Seeing all your photos is making me long to get back there STAT!
    Much love,

    • jonathanochart says:

      I appreciate the compliment! Luckily, my camera has a “food” setting that doesn’t set off a blinding flash. I’d turn off the flash and try to place the food under any available table light and go from there. If the photos turn out too dark, you can brighten them on a photo program on your computer. Hope that helps!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Thankfully I didn’t regret eating it all despite breaking my New Year’s resolutions…the French have a way of preventing feeling guilty after hearty meals (;

  2. cookadventurer says:

    I’ve always wanted to eat my way through Paris, and now I have even more inspiration! All of this food looks absolutely delicious, especially those colourful macaroons. Thanks for posting all these great pictures.

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