Phantasmagoric Alabaster in Paris’ Père Lachaise Cemetery

In the maze that is Père Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris, graves, statuettes, necropolises and more rise every which way. Decrepit crypts of centuries past mingle with modern tombs proudly displaying polished marble façades.  Exploring the graveyard home to some of history’s greatest contributors, including Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Frédéric Chopin, lifts and inspires the spirit despite the massive amount of deceased souls six feet below.


I wore a cable knit sweater with a crème frâiche hue, burgundy jeans, black combat boots and a midnight black double-breasted trench when visiting the renowned resting place last week.  It seemed as if at some point years ago, the alabaster graves and minute chapels once possessed a color similar to that of my sweater.

P1050542 P1050508

Perhaps I should describe my top’s color as alabaster rather than crème frâiche, though alabaster seems too grand, too monumental a description for such an affordable purchase.  Regardless, I felt at ease and peace while trailing through the awkward cobblestone paths flanked by shrines truly built of the alluring white material – even when I made eye contact with gritty winged seraphim gazing into space.


If anything, stumbling slowly past famed personalties’ graves gave me an appreciation for life, greater respect for the dead, and the spirit to continue stepping forward – no matter how uncouth and raw the rocky, cobblestone paths below may seem.

Sweater – H&M

Jeans – Hot Topic

Coat – Zara

Boots – ALDO

Bag – Zara

Beret – Urban Outfitters

Below are additional photos I took throughout Père Lachaise, sans me and my clothing.

P1050535 P1050529 P1050519 P1050548 P1050538 P1050518 P1050514 P1050507

Yours truly,


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