An Austinite’s Affair with Tweed

Frolicking through Guadalupe Street with my fellow fashion aficionado-friend Ricardo never fails to entertain me. Sometimes, when walking along the sidewalk commonly referred to as “The Drag,” countless hippies and students arise. After flocks of basic T-shirts meet my eyes, they absorb inspiration right out of me. When you actually stop and absorb the environment around you, however, a little more color meets your eyes, like when we decided to stop by a mural near the University Co-op.

Last week, I wore a tweed blazer on top of a black turtleneck. I told people I was going for a male-version of Diane Keaton’s staple look… (she seems to adore turtlenecks and oversized blazers). The combination successfully kept me warm despite those random Austin cold-front breezes while glowing softly under the perennial Texas sun. Although not nearly as colorful as the mural depicting various Austin landmarks and wildlife, the contrast between the oversized blazer and tailored pants offered a more varied look.

So, whenever you ask yourself if you should wear tweed or not, I say go for it. The material might seem solely suitable for strolling through Scottish pastures with grazing sheep, but it also fits well into Austin’s eclectic street style scene. Heck, you can even bust a move in tweed – I did, after all. In public.



Blazer – Vintage Hugo Boss

Turtleneck – Primark

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Kenneth Cole

Belt – Thrifted

Bag – Zara

Yours truly,


19 thoughts on “An Austinite’s Affair with Tweed

    • jonathanochart says:

      Nice to see someone close to Austin recognize the city’s photogenic nature! And haha thanks for the compliment…glad you enjoy the blog!

  1. Pheebz says:

    Tweed rocks! Vintage is all the rage after all, and the latest Doctor Who has certainly popularised the tweed jacket. Completely agree with you about the inspiration-sapping T-shirts…. Dressing with flair = lots of confidence and, in your case, an awesome move!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Glad you think that was an awesome move (and that T-shirts sap inspiration)! haha I need to watch Doctor Who more often (; Thanks for stopping by!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Nice! And $3 is such a steal! Have you posted a photo of it in your blog yet? I’d love to see it (; Thanks for stopping by!

      • artisticlady says:

        No I haven’t yet its in storage. I’ll have to get it out along w/the long skirt I wear with it. The quality of the tweed is great! I knew I found a keeper.

      • jonathanochart says:

        Yes, I’d love to see it – it sounds like it looks great! Glad you found a keeper…it’s one of the best feelings in the world (:

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