Parisian Pastries at La Patisserie

Bipolar Texas weather pushed my allergies to the limit – yes, my nose feels congested and quite overwhelmed. At this moment, it has a mind of its own.

When I mustered enough mental strength to leave the house while hoping my allergy-caused migraines would evaporate away, I decided to visit a pastry shop with a friend. Actually, another friend of mine named Sheri inspired our bakery run, as she works there herself.


Me posing with Sheri and plates previously possessing pastries.

Fittingly called La Patisserie, the small French-inspired spot set at 602 West Annie St. offers visitors hungry for foreign treats various satisfying snacks. Although macarons no longer rested behind the glass case (we showed up an hour before closing), scrumptious eclairs and cakes made up for their absence. The local shop also offers pound cakes, cream puffs, madeleines, palmiers, danishes, and macarons boasting TONS of flavors. Flavors that include, but are definitely not limited to: caramel; cardamom fleur orange; almond; lavender; pecan pie; pumpkin pie; rose; and champagne. I wonder which ones were inspired by Texan cuisine!

I opted for a spinach and mushroom-stuffed croissant since I gorged a pumpkin muffin earlier in the day. The flaky, buttery bread melted in my mouth, and as if I didn’t love spinach and mushrooms enough, it lifted me to gastronomical heaven.

The spinach and mushroom croissant I came on a pretty plate.

The spinach and mushroom croissant I swallowed…it came on a pretty plate.

My friend Ricardo decided to go all out with a decadent chocolate and pistachio cake. I may have broken my New Year’s resolution in sneaking a bite or two…

I can’t exercise when I’m congested (unless I wanted to suffocate), so all those calories probably still exist in my stomach – but it’s alright, because that croissant and bites of chocolate cake were worth it.

After all, just sitting in the petite shop soothed my allergies. Take a look at La Patisserie’s lovely decor (along with some scrumptious food):

P1050870 P1050869 P1050862 P1050861 P1050860

I just had to snag a photo sitting in one of the shop's chairs with a plant practically eating me!

I just had to snag a photo sitting in one of the shop’s chairs with a plant practically eating me!

If you ever crave an authentic-tasting French dessert (or croissant), try out this little spot in Southwest Austin. It’s much closer than France (;

Yours truly,


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